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  • Added by: jaketaylor @ 18 Oct 2010 10:34
    How To Live a Happy and Healthier Lifestyle
    What is the reason being deprived of happiness in life? If we try to find out the answer to the question, we have to analyze the lifestyle of the modern man. The routine pressure makes the individual insensitive to the finer elements of mind. He turns into a machine and goes on repeating the action day after day. There is no place for emotion in his life and for a certain period, the individual forgets that he is a human being and not a robot. The practice of the modern lifestyle makes him ignorant of the bliss of happiness and peace of mind. But with the passing of time, the role of a woman has changed. Today, she has taken over almost every aspect of the society. She excels in the fields of industry and politics which used to be a man's world. She even dominates what used to be exclusive-for-men departments such as Space and Armed Forces programs. Even at home, the woman has become the leader, sometimes even the bread winner. It is a fact that a woman is multi-talented and can easily adapt to changing situations. As such, one woman can do a lot more things than three men combined. Sometimes she gives an impression that she is too comfortable being a liberated woman in complete charge of herself. She has become too empowered to care what man is searching for. As long as a man wants her, she is fine with that. Muscles are very efficient at getting stronger or weaker in response to the demands placed on them. Since most of us sit at a desk, drive a car, and sit on the so ...

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